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Palladin Precision Products
57 Bristol Street
Waterbury CT 06708 USA
(203) 574-0246 Phone
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At Palladin, quality assurance and control is monitored throughout the manufacturing process. Although the QA processes flow seamlessly together, the Palladin quality assurance process is comprised of the following elements: Quality Planning, Quality Control, & Quality Improvement.

  • Quality Planning

Quality Planning begins with quoting, where we evaluate the customer’s needs in relation to a particular product. When an order is received we review the drawings and other data related to the manufacturing of the part.  This review aides in identifying any issues that might affect the ability to deliver a defect free, delivered product.  Palladin emphasizes Quality Planning as the company strives to eliminate potential problems in the manufacturing process before they would occur.

  • Quality Control

Quality Control includes various inspections along the path from raw material to finished product.  Inspection is viewed as an adjunct to good processes rather than the sole control. Machine operators are trained and equipped to monitor their own processes to minimize defects.  Please review our QA Facilities in order to better understand our QC capabilities.

  • Quality Improvement

When opportunities arise to improve the manufacturing process, Palladin has a Quality Improvement process to evaluate the situation and then determine the best method to improve the manufacturing process.

Visit the Palladin Catalog for an extensive image library of QA department facilities.

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